Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Day

The kids didn’t have school today, of course.  We've got at least 6, maybe 8, inches of snow out there.  J had to go in.  I knew he would as soon as I looked out the window and saw that the asphalt was visible in the tire treads in the road.  Though he almost certainly would have gone in anyway.

Funny thing is, there isn't any asphalt visible out there now, and it hasn't snown any.  It's done some blowing, but I wouldn't think it enough to cover it.

I've been making cookies today.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cold and Snowy

Brrr … it's cold today.  Actually, it's been cold all week, but today it's really snowy.  3-4 inches already, and no sign of stopping.  I've been feeding the fire all day, but it still feels quite cool in here.

The kids had school today, it wasn't too bad when they left, but it really got snowy while they were gone.  Most of the other districts around had early dismissal, but ours didn't.  I don’t know why not.

I considered taking the car down to get the kids at the bus stop, but watching the trouble the cars were having getting into the apartment complex there, I was glad I didn't.  Some of the front-wheel drive ones made it with much spinning and swerving, some backed up and tried two or three times, and one tried several times, and finally gave up and parked in the church parking lot, and toted a full laundry hamper across the street.

After we waited about 10 minutes past the usual time for the bus, it drove by the other way, and the bus driver yelled through the window that she hadn't been to the school yet, and was going to pick the kids up.  Most of the other folks left at that point, but I didn't figure it’d be worth the walk up the hill, and then back down again, especially since I had no idea when it'd come back by again. At that point, it would have been nice to have a car to keep warm in.

I'm expecting J. to walk in any moment now.  Hopefully he'll have no trouble getting here.  Actually, I'm rather hoping that things are bad enough in the morning that he'll decide to stay home.  Not that I expect that to happen.  The only other time it happened was in the ice storm last February.  That was after he didn't get home until almost nine, and the power went out.  I don’t expect that it will happen this time.