Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Curves Smart Report Card


Well, I got my second Curves Smart report card, and I can say I'm less than thrilled.

My weight stayed the same as last time time, but my measurements all stayed the same or decreased, so that's all right.

I had rather hoped the Workout Results time lines would gain dots as you had more reports, maybe showing the last four or five results, instead you just have the beginning and ending points. Which is helpful, I suppose, but I'd like to see how the numbers change with time.

The weird part is that it shows both my caloric burn and strength decreasing. I *know* that both have gone up. The last week or so I've been routinely getting over 600 calories burnt on regular workout days. IIRC, today's result was 618. Alternate days have been lower, of course. My PI from the last report was 274, this one is 308. This should, in theory, say that I've got quite a bit *more* strength than when I started, not less.

As near as anyone can figure out, it's the alternate days that are dragging the averages down. It's almost enough to make me not come in on alternate days (though I figured out this month that if I skip the alternate days, I'm far more likely to skip the regular days, too), or maybe come in an work out, but not check in or use my card. Or just use the treadmill or something (Shh!! don't tell Curves HQ they have one!)

When I came in on Monday, my PI was decreased by 0 (which I thought was a funny way to say "unchanged"), and today it was increased by 3. I previously had been able to keep in the greens, this time I had trouble. I'll get it next time. For once the stepper gave me reasonable heart rates the first time all three times it measured them. The first time, 128, after the warm up and three machines; both the next times about 145. I really hate it when I've been really working out, and I get on the stepper, and it tells me that my heart rate is 70. Stupid machine! It was more than that when I walked through the door.

I've also noticed that I still get breathless while on the circuit, but now my breath is nearly back to normal by the time I've finished stretching, in stead of some time later. So that's an improvement from when I started Curves Smart.

ETA: Now that I've had a chance to look over my previous "report card", I'm even more confused. the numbers that are "low" are higher than the previous "high" numbers. Where is their starting point?