Monday, June 27, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

It really rained last night. I woke up about 5:00 to hear the rain pounding on the roof, and knowing that it had been doing so for quite some time, even though I woke out of a weird dream. And the power was off. Jonathan said that the power had been off since at least 3:30, when he had woken up. We slept some more, and got up about 6:00. By then, the rain had tapered off a bit, though it was still coming down. It's rain like that that makes me worry about the house two doors down, where the cliff by the creek has been gradually creeping up on the house. I couldn't make Jonathan his usual oatmeal for breakfast, since the power was out, so I just settled for packing his lunch.

I took the dog out for his walk sometime after 6:30. I wore my watershoes, since I was hoping to go wading with him through the creek. But the water in the creek was far too high. We looked at it in a couple of places, and it was up a couple of feet and running fast. We went down the path where we usually go wading by the rocky beach, but there was no beach visible this morning. The fast-moving water was up over the end of the path, and there was no way I was going to go wading in it. Fortunately, Rocky agreed. He sniffed around a little at the waters' edge, then wandered by the creek-bed a little, but didn't complain at all when I had him walk back. It wasn't a waste wearing my watershoes, however. The grass in the park was rain-soaked, and so were my feet.

So I took Rocky for a good long walk around a couple of blocks. One of the drainage ditches a couple of blocks over was filled with water, not moving. So when Rocky saw that, he waded in, and laid down, like he loves doing. So he did get his fun water time.

Then, between there and home, we saw a KCP&L truck leaving the area. We had been seeing signs that at least on that street, the houses may have had power. So I was hopeful that the power had come back on. And, sure enough, so it had.

That's good, because I can't open the garage door without power, and I needed to get to Sam's Club to buy some dog-food for Rocky, since we were all out of it.