Thursday, May 31, 2007

Repost from Sims 2 blog.

For now, here's a first:

Post by madamex5051ply:
Hello MR Estra why on earth do you ask simmers to view your picture album knowing their are NUDE sims floating around you are so darn nasty what if my little sis seen that crap this is rated T for Teens Sir not rated xxxx

My reply:
What on earth? Taking a picture of a known glitch changes my gender?
If you happen to be able to see a Sim on a floor above your selected Sim, there is no censor patch. I'm surprised you haven't seen this already in your game. It doesn't happen too often, but it does happen.

And I'm sure your little sister has seen naked Barbie dolls before. There is little difference, since the Sims have no secondary distinguishing marks.

And you could have expressed your concerns by signing my guestbook, contacting a SimMaster, or both, rather than drawing attention to it. I don't see anything wrong with the picture, but I will abide by a SimMaster's ruling on it, and remove it if one asks me to.


The picture in question is located in my photobucket account here:

Note: I have never had a direct link to that particular photo here in the BBS or my blog, though I have mentioned that it exists when discussion of that particular glitch comes up. Nor do I see how it is any worse than the Venus statue that comes with the game that you can see on the lower floor in the corner there.

It's so odd to be referred to as a pervert, when prude is the word much more often used to describe me. It's even odder to be called MR and Sir.

Update, June 6, 2007

Further correspondence as of June 1, 2007

Thanks but a Glitch can be remove and a naked doll is different from a naked Photo Yes I have seen this glitch in the game but I dont keep on my site I delete it what purpose does it serve to keep it their

So somehow a picture (not a photo) of a naked doll is worse than a doll itself? Somehow I don't follow your logic. It would be different if it actually were a photo of a person, or even a picture of an anatomically
correct Sim.

And have you noticed, there is a Venus statue in the base game. It shows just as much, if not more, than the picture does.

And once again, there are proper channels to go through if you are concerned about something. Contacting me privately, flagging messages, contacting a SimMaster or Maxoid. Jumping out at me screaming "Pervert!" is not effective, and at most draws attention to the very thing you have a problem with.

As to what purpose it serves, what purpose does the game itself serve? It's a *glitch*, it's *funny*.

I still have no idea if she's contacted a SimMaster or not. I do know that none have contacted me. By now it's buried somewhere on the back side of the BBS. So, unless something further comes up, I'll consider the matter closed.