Thursday, April 21, 2005

Opening day at Worlds of Fun

This was the opening weekend for Worlds of Fun. Being season ticket holders, we tried to be there for the opening. And we would have been, too, if they hadn't opened the gates early. By the time we were there at ten to 10, not only were the gates open and admitting people, there wasn't even any suggestion of a line backup, the full opening crowd had already gone through.

My daughter had was walking down the sidewalk while reading the park map, so she slipped and got some scrapes, making it necessary to by the first aide station. A couple of bandaids, and she's all better. Amazing what bandaids can do.

The kids both really enjoyed all the rides we went on. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of mentioning to my son that he was now big enough to ride the Fury of the Nile. We thought that'd be something he'd enjoy, but apparently he got scared. He kept telling us that he wanted to go home. (Between the other rides, which he really enjoyed.)

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