Monday, June 20, 2005

Starlight Theater--Disney on Record

We went to the season opening of Starlight Theater last night, "Disney's On Record". We've noticed previously that they tend to have one olden goldie, one brand new, never-before-seen musical, one "adult " musical, and one "children's " musical. I'm guessing that "On Record " goes for both the new one and the children's one.

With our season tickets, we bought the meals at the Applause Club, a delicious buffet. This week it was barbecue. I thought it was delicious, but Carly decided to go for a pickle sandwich and grapes. Nathan just had the grapes.

"On Record " is a collection of Disney songs from all eras, songs like "Lavender Blue", "Beauty and the Beast", "Minnie's Yoo Hoo", no dialogue, very little plot. In fact, the plot is so subtle that some folks might not realize that there was any.

It's set in an ostensible recording studio, with the musicians in sort of a "Hollywood Squares" arrangement on stage. While we walking around before the show, we did notice that there was nothing down in the orchestra pit, and when we saw the stage, we knew why. The songs were done well, with minimal costume changes, minimal scenery/props, but a lot of dancing. One thing that I found interesting was that frequently the songs were sung by a person of the opposite gender as in the original. And the mixes were interesting also, putting songs together that I would not have thought of, such as putting "We are Siamese" and "In the Tiki Room " into "Everybody Wants to be a Cat". I was most impressed with the song "Be Our Guest" sung in four languages.

I really enjoyed the show, but Nathan thought it was boring. He kept asking to go home and go to bed. Part of the problem might be that during the first part of the show there were people in front of us, so he could only see while sitting on my lap. They left during intermission, so the second half went better.

The next show is "Footloose" in two weeks.

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