Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Trip to the Zoo

We went to the Zoo yesterday. The kids had the day off, so J. took a vacation day and we all went together and had a lot of fun. N. had been looking forward to spending the whole day playing ToonTown, so he tried to be miserable. He didn’t quite succeed; there were too many fun things to do, like playing on the playground (of course) and seeing the meercats and the warthogs (Hello Timon and Pumbaa!).

Most of the animals were relaxing, of course, some of them far away from where we could see them. We never did see the lion cubs or the gorillas. The hippos were visible for a little bit, then they vanished under water. Looking carefully, we could see them maneuvering under water (looking rather like small whales). But someone just walking by probably would have thought the enclosure was empty.

Unfortunately, several things were closed for renovation, including the Red Barn (which had a lot about farm animals in it. The Kansas City Zoo has been working a lot for several years now trying to go from the traditional zoo cages to more realistic settings for the animals. Of course, this also gives the animals a lot more places to hide so we can’t see them. But there are interactive displays in many places that let you know how things work, and the type of sounds the animals make, and other fun stuff.


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Sounds like you had fun! Been a while since I dropped by and just thought I'd drop in! I see you've taken antispammer steps too! Nice, isn't it not having to clean them out!

Jasini said...

Thanks! I'm trying to get this going again.