Friday, May 05, 2006

Tornado Warning

The other week we had a couple of friends over for a snack time. While we were relaxing, and watching a movie, the sirens outside started going off. A tornado warning, of course. So our friends got to see our messy basement. Back before I had kids, my first reaction on hearing the sirens was to turn on the TV to see where the storm actually was, but now we just take the kids down to the basement and wait, and see what news we can get on the radio, or the computer if one of us remembered to grab it.

While we were in the basement waiting, my friend pulled out her cell phone, and proceeded to call a bunch of her family and friends to make sure they knew about the tornado warning. You know, doing something like that would never occur to me. For one thing, I wouldn't want them to come out of the safety of the basement to answer the phones. But then again, maybe her family really needed it. After all, I heard her tell at least three people, "No, it's a tornado warning. That means someone has actually seen a tornado."

Most of the storm went quite a bit north of us, though we did get a bit of rain and a small bit of hail. I probably should have called my sister to make sure her family was all right after the storm was over. (They were fine.)

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