Sunday, August 20, 2006

School is starting again

School starts again on Monday. I'm looking forward to having some time to myself.  I've got all kind of things I want to get done, such as getting some writing done, including doing some blogging, catching up on the housework, going to Curves regularly, and trying to do some crochet once the weather gets cooler.  Somehow having weather in the 90s and 100s doesn't make me feel like sitting with a lap full of yarn.

The kids will be in 1st and 4th grade this year.  Hard to imagine how fast they're growing.  On the back-to-school night, we have to meet their new teachers this year.  I think that they'll do well.  Of course, one of C's teachers's the same as last year, since she's in a multi-aged class.  Her fourth grade teacher had these neat-looking notebook style calendars, with a three-dimensional effect on the cover.  C saw them at other kids' desks, and excitedly looked for her own desk.  She was disappointed when she found it, since there was no calendar at her desk.  Her teacher explained that she hadn't put one out for her since she didn't know what her multi-aged teacher was planning.  But when she saw how disappointed C was, she got one out for her.  They've got computers at each of the tables, one for every two kids.  Back in my day, we didn't have any computers.  Of course, back then it took a room-sized computer to do what my PDA can do.

N's teacher of course had the wrong name down for him at his desk.  We've given him a nickname that's a bit unusual for his name (though common otherwise), that we consider logical, but other folks have trouble seeing.

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